Central repository

Refwell application has a central repository of presentations. Marketing employees add new presentations to it. Then, they are automatically distributed further to sales representatives’ tablets. Due to this a representative always has access to current presentations.

Individual approach to clients

With an optional integration with CRM system, one can choose a presentation recipient directly from CRM database system. When the client is chosen, statistics on materials he was demonstrated is attached to his profile. A representative can approach his every client in a more personal way.

What wins over a client

Every display of a presentation causes the record of detailed information on what, where and how was demonstrated. Statistics is a tremendous support for people who run promotional campaigns. It is clear, which presentations and pages are most often demonstrated to clients, what should additionally be clarified about company products, what budget should be spent on preparation of new advertising materials.

How are new advertising materials presented

An additional value of statistics is a review of whether new representatives use marketing materials appropriately. This enables a quick reaction and mistake elimination.

PowerPoint and video

Marketing employees can prepare their presentations in PowerPoint or other favorite programs. After saving them as a PDF, they are ready to be uploaded into central repository. PDF presentations may contain contents page and links to other web pages. Refwell works as well with videos. Commercials may also be shown during the meeting.

Tablet connected to projector

Very few people know that majority of tablets and smartphones can be connected to projectors. Due to this, a representative doesn’t have to carry a heavy laptop with him. Depending on a producer a mobile device can send and image to projector through MHL cable, SlimPort, micro HDMI or through wireless connection.

Closed loop marketing

Presentation makers often face a question of which idea is better, what will win over a client. The best review of materials is the reaction of end-recipients. Due to Refwell application, managing A/B tests becomes possible to carry out.

Refwell Presentations is also a simple alternative to costly campaigns of 'Closed loop marketing'. An identical effect to the one of CLM can be achieved by adding links to PowerPoint presentations. The references substitute the tree, known from CLM in 100%.