Data access anytime

Refwell application is a mobile version of Pharma Web CRM. It is available for phones and tablets with Android operation system. The whole client database of a particular representative is stored on the device. It is available offline, i.e. when the telephone doesn’t have Internet connection.


Apart from the functions of Pharma Web CRM, mobile application enables giving presentations of marketing materials. Presentations in Refwell are an access to analytical tools, which were so far available for web pages only. It is clear which presentations and pages were most frequently demonstrated to clients, how much time was spent on presentation of particular slides.

Reporting the visits on daily basis

Above all, mobile application enables reporting the visits on daily basis. Due to this, the most important conclusions will be noted in the report. The quality of reports added at the end of the day is often notably lower.

Work plan and history

Having a whole work plan at hand, a representative can achieve 100% of company objectives. In case of clients vacation or illness one can quickly define the purpose of the following visit, e.g. find people on a target list, whose workplace is situated nearby the current location.

Check in at work

Having arrived to a visited institution a representative should check in at the workplace. Due to this he will have an access to all institutions available in the vicinity. He doesn’t have to search for them in the database manually. Finding a current location only takes couple seconds. Geolocalisation of a visit is fast, as Android devices first take into account basic stations of a mobile network, Wi-Fi network identifiers and then GPS satellite signal.

Evaluation of the visit plan

A review of a representatives’ route allows evaluating the quality of a working day plan whereas representatives have a tool, due to which they can precisely verify where they were on a particular day and alternatively modify a route plan for the future. A very interesting measure here is an average duration of a promotional meeting.

Visit time vs. commute time

Counting the time spent on promotional visits and commuting helps to make a decision whether enlarging a sales team in a given region is cost-effective.

Automatically calculated mileage

Based on reported locations is the mileage in professional purposes calculated. In case of a visit e.g. at the car service, a representative can exclude this place from the visit time. Such a solution allows settling the mileage easily and precisely.