Organizational structure

Organizational structure shows reporting relationships in the sales department. It indicates who reports to whom and what data particular supervisor has access to.

Employee profiles

Employee profile contains basic information, such as email address, telephone number etc. This data creates a company employee catalogue. Together with the photos it allows quick acquaintance with the whole team.

Calendars and areas

From the profile level one can move on to his agenda, double visits and the area a particular sales representative works in.

Activity reports

An employee adds activity reports and describes the tasks fulfilled on a particular day in the calendar. Here he can also report sick leaves and vacations.

Promotional visits

Representatives plan all their visits in the calendar. Next they define which visits took place and their details.

Summary of the day

Calendar, one working day view is a perfect summary of a representative’s day of work. The supervisor has access to the data of each visit, working time reports and orders on one screen.

Company days

Company days are defined by the company office. These may be holidays, conferences, and trainings.